Holidays in Yogyakarta Indonesia

Yogyakarta, is one special city in Indonesia. The specialty of the city of Yogyakarta is for an area that includes the empire led by the King of Java, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X and Paku Alaman duchy area. Yoyakarta also a city famous for its tourist who is equally special with other cities. Both Culinary and nature and also travel history. Yogyakarta one obligatory destination for travelers and backpackers.

For lodging in Yogyakarta, you do not get confused, those who have never traveled to Yogyakarta, and you want to find accommodation, you try to find search machined like google, yahoo and others with keywords hotel in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, or the best hotel in yogyakarta, Indonesia will emerge hotel information are available at a wide range of hotel classes. In addition Yoyakarta also a special city that became a lot of interest by the students to continue their education that makes the city of Yogyakarta got one of his nickname is a student city.

Here are a few spots of tourist sites around Yogyakarta:

  1. Prambanan.

This is the largest Hindu temple in Southeast Asia, altitude of 47 meters and has been declared as one of the world cultural heritage in 1991 by UNESCO. This is also the most magnificent Hindu temple in Indonesia. Prambanan temple is located on the border between the two provinces of Yogyakarta and Central Java.

  1. Parangtritis.

Located about 28 km from downtown Yogyakarta, Parangtritis is a beach in Yogyakarta with waves big enough, has a towering rock cliffs and volcanic sand black sheen when exposed to sunlight.

  1. Kaliurang resort.

This is the green landscape nan alluring treats with air that is so cool in Yogyakarta. Kaliurang is one of the best place to escape the hustle of the city and a variety of daily activities. Located on a plateau at an altitude of 900 m above sea level, the cool air was refreshing for the body.

  1. Malioboro

This is the way in Jogja which became one of the favorite choices of the audience of the trip to spend time in Jogja. Along Malioboro street, you can shop ria and get one of the unique items of Jogja. If you like, you can even down shops that are on the market Beringharjo during the day. Malioboro area it is one shopping destination famous Jogjakarta.

  1. Keraton Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta Palace is the best example of traditional Javanese architectural masterpiece of the most interesting. This palace was completed in 1790. This is the center of activities in the sultanate of Yogyakarta. Yogya Sultan was governor in the province of Yogyakarta, at the same time also is the head of culture in Jogja respected and loved by all communities in Yogyakarta.

  1. Sonobudoyo

This is the museum in Yogyakarta that presents you history, culture and architecture of the building Java awesome. Inaugurated by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwana VIII in 1935, Sonobudoyo is home to a collection of Javanese culture and history of the most complete in Indonesia after the National Museum of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta.

  1. Plaosan

Plaosan located close to Prambanan temple, has a unique charm among a number of attractions temples in Yogyakarta. Plaosan was built by Panangkaran, one of the kings of the Sailendra dynasty, who also founded the Borobudur and Sewu. This temple is also called the twin temples, is divided into two parts, namely Plaosan temple and temple Lor. The layout of both to each other, only about 100 meters. From the style of the temple, it is known that the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta this one is a blend of the two cultures, namely Hinduism and Buddhism. According to local belief, Plaosan has the power of love between Rakai Pikatan and Pramoedya Wardhani. Therefore, it is believed will bring blessings to couples of men and women. That’s because the attraction of this temple is quite popular for couples who want blessed with the birth of a child.

  1. Baron Beach

The beach which is about 65 km from Yogyakarta city center has charm beautiful panorama and is a place for those who want to eat a variety of seafood dishes. Baron Beach is actually a bay with the existence of two hills that flank the left and right.

  1. Kotagede

Here is where Panembahan Senopati, founder of the new Mataram kingdom established the court in the year 1575. From the lineage, Panembahan Senopati are direct descendants of the ancient Mataram rulers who built Borobudur and Prambanan.

Kotagede is a tourist place in Yogyakarta that is right for you who want to enjoy sightseeing on foot. In this area, you can find traditional silversmith shops and mosaic tiled houses lined the street, once these houses are the homes of the aristocracy and royal merchants. You can look around and buy silver handmade pull of this place.

  1. Taman Pintar Yogyakarta

Being in the center of the city of Yogyakarta, Taman Pintar Yogyakarta is a laboratory recreation of packaging which is very useful for students. This is a place where students can freely and freely explore science subjects in schools through direct observation. As a vehicle for recreation and learning, Smart Park open to the public is no exception to the group of students. There are various supporting facilities, including the food court, audiovisual room, a play area (playground), and a multifunctional meeting room (exhibition hall).

Choosing Women’s Swimwear for a safe and comfortable

Swimming is one sport that is much-loved by many people. Swimming is itself a kind of activity that is fun and healthy for our bodies. because many fans have, then it is definitely a lot of people who take advantage of the opportunity that exists to find additional revenue by building a swimming pool for rent at the visitors. Besides swimming in the pool, swimming can also be done on the beach. Swimming in the sea or on the coast will increase our enjoyment factor, especially if while swimming we could enjoy the scenery there. As a woman, who demanded everything look good or perfect then it is definitely a swimsuit election should be done carefully so stylish and beautiful impression could rub off on us. The following are tips on choosing a swimsuit that you should not miss, and you can apply in the selection of swimsuits that can make us look good while wearing them:

Tips for Choosing Swimwear for Women

1. Tune with skin color we have

How to choose a swimsuit that first is to choose a swimsuit that matches the color of our skin. in contrast to those who have the innate white women with dark skin or dark brown hue better avoid excessive or flashy bright eyes. Instead you can choose the color swimsuits a more natural and suitable to the circumstances of our skin. The problem is if we were not too bothered or concerned with the selection of colors that we apply so that when wearing bathing suits we are actually going to look funny.

2. Search for elastic materials

How to choose a swimsuit that both are looking for a swimsuit with elastic or flexible material. Selection swimsuit elastic material allows us to move flexibly while doing an outdoor activity.

3. Model swimsuit

Selection of the swimsuit should be chosen carefully associated with the model. When we can not stand the hot weather at a time when we swim at the beach which tends hot weather then you can choose a swimsuit rather closed or long sleeves. Swimsuit with a closed model can deliver us from the scorching sun.

4. Motif swimsuit
Associated with different age swimsuit then were different. When you start to adulthood then you can choose motif swimwear that can highlight your manhood side. In contrast to children, they usually tend to choose a patterned swimsuit funny or cartoon characters.

5. Look at the store up to date

So that your appearance when wearing a swimsuit does not seem monotonous, but the opposite of fashionable, you can choose a swimsuit on clothes shops are up to date. As we know, every day can dress models keep changing according to the needs and demands of the market. By continuing to follow the fashion trends that exist, then we would be far from being outdated.

The Best 5 Jersey Football Club 2015

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AC Milan Jersey

1 | AC Milan Away – adidas are owning the replica game this summer for us. The new AC Milan away shirt is wrapped up in class, elegance and personality, from the horizontal pin-stripes to the one off Casa Milan crest. The perfect blend of simplistic design finished with a few characteristics unique to the club to enhance identity. Enough to forgive Milan defenders for not making a single slide tackle all season.

Nike Intermilan

2 | Inter Milan Home – Milan is the fashion capital of the world and that trend is reflected in the kits of the city’s duo of heavyweight football clubs. The Italians are all about style and the new Inter home shirt moves away from tradition with a modern pin-stripe design and buttoned collar. Good enough to demand the right to play at home every week.

Everton Home

3 | Everton Home – Umbro are back. The Everton home shirt features so high up the list mainly for nostalgia reasons. The classic English brand are back in the game, back where they belong and the famous double diamonds sit proudly on the Toffees 14/15 kits to send Evertonians into lucid daydreams of big Dunc running riot at Goodison.

4 | Chelsea Third – Just like last season’s effort the new Chelsea third shirt packs a futuristic design to step away from the standard templates and install it as one of the most unique shirts in the Premier League this season. Top marks again for adidas.

Nike AS Roma Away

5 | Roma Away – Nike turned to the 1960’s to seek inspiration for their fist ever Roma away shirt and it’s a beauty. We can’t get enough of the sash that runs diagonally from the shoulder through the crest. A beautiful combination of modern and retro characteristics.


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Identification of style practiced athletes, to get the maximum results

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coach11The above quote from AFL footballer Nathan Buckley reinforces that an individual can learn new information in ways other than verbalised coach instruction. While the use of learning approaches based on an individual’s learning style or sensory/perceptual preference has been prevalent in an educational setting for many years, the field of sports coaching has been less innovative. However, in recent times attempts have been made to assist coaches to firstly identify the learning styles of their athletes, and secondly utilise coaching strategies that match the learning style of the participants.

Different learning styles

There are numerous terms that can be adopted to characterise the unique learning style of an individual. In simple terms, most people possess either a visual, verbal (auditory) or active (‘kinaesthetic’) preference when it comes to learning new information. One such approach being trialled within the Australian Institute of Sport applies four broad categories of learning styles that are described below.


Active learners prefer learning through active participation such as physically running through drills in training. They also typically display a preference for working in groups. Coaches need to be aware that active learners tend to act without thinking at times.

Reflective learners prefer to think about a specific skill/strategy before executing it. In this instance, coaches may allocate time for athletes to review or question specific skills, strategies or tactics. However, coaches need to be aware that athletes who ‘think too much’ can demonstrate a lack of active participation and even ‘paralysis by analysis’.


Sensing learners prefer to follow previously tested methods or guidelines when learning new skills. They enjoy learning technical information about the sport and generally dislike new approaches or surprises.

Intuitive learners enjoy adopting new and innovative approaches when learning skills or techniques; trying a new approach is more appealing than repeating an existing one. They enjoy adapting new strategies to what they see unfolding in competition, and tend to work fast and innovatively. Repetition can lead to early boredom.


Visual learners prefer to receive new information via demonstrations, video feedback, diagrams, pictures from coaching manuals or magazines, or even instructions that paint a visual image of the skill.

Verbal learners prefer to be given spoken or written instructions from a coach about how to perform a skill. Alternatively, an explanation may be given on an audiotape, CD or even from the narrator of a coaching video. Interestingly, while many coaches find giving instructions the easiest method of providing coaching information, it is probably the least preferred learning style of most athletes (remember Nathan Buckley’s opening comment).


Sequential learners generally gather and understand information in logical steps, before piecing everything together. It is important that new information is presented in the order that a skill will be executed.

Global learners like to learn in larger chunks, understanding the overall picture before filling in the details. This may include knowing how a drill fits into an overall plan or strategy, before being taught the specifics of the drill.

An athlete’s preference for one style over another in each of the above categories may be mild, moderate, or strong. Research has demonstrated that despite a person’s intellectual capacity, if new information about a skill is presented to an athlete in their preferred learning style, then reinforced using the remaining preferences, this will enhance learning and increase athlete motivation (Brunner and Hill 1992).

How to identify your learning style

There are numerous learning style questionnaires now available in sport psychology texts and on the internet that are designed to determine an individual’s preferred learning style. While the scientific validity of these questionnaires may vary, they all essentially ask similar questions designed to determine the learning preferences of an individual (for example, see Once an athlete’s profile is identified, feedback protocols offer instructions on how this information can be used to improve training quality and overall performance.

For coaches reluctant to use a questionnaire, simply asking athletes what mode they prefer when learning new information can be just as valuable. Likewise, observant coaches who have worked with the same athletes for an extended period of time will have noticed what instructional method seems to ‘click’ for a particular athlete. Irrespective of what method is used, the key point is to raise awareness of the potential value that learning style identification can have.

Coaching applications

It is interesting for coaches to also consider their preferred mode of coaching. Coaches tend to verbalise much of the information they deliver to their players. However, quite often many athletes prefer to learn visually or actively. If there is a discrepancy between the coach’s preferred mode of communication and their player’s mode of receiving information, learning will be inefficient.

There is no doubt that catering to each individual’s learning style in a team-sport environment creates additional planning for coaches. They may be required to plan a variety of methods (for example, visual, verbal, active) to present information about the same skill to different athletes (see Table 1). A popular method of achieving this is by creating learning stations. For example, when coaching shooting techniques in basketball, visual learners may watch a video demonstration, verbal learners could receive instruction from the coach, while active learners could start physically practising. An alternative strategy, and perhaps most easily implemented in a team environment, is to apply learning-styles strategies when working with an individual athlete or in small group situations where all players have similar learning styles. Importantly, while initial learning is geared to each individual, it should be reinforced with information targeting the players’ other learning preferences. In summary, by coaching a team as individuals, learning will be more efficient, and the results will speak for themselves.

Table 1 Instructional approaches catering to some of the key learning styles

Learning style
Instructional approaches
Active Allow the athlete to immediately practise the skill with minimal or no instruction Provide verbal feedback describing the ‘feel’ of the movement, such as ‘imagine the feel of the air not being able to get between your torso and your legs in the tuck’ Mould the athlete’s body into the desired position
Reflective Try to provide a few minutes of ‘thinking time’ after teaching a new skill Encourage athletes to immediately pair cue words with new skills After teaching each new skill, run a two-minute visualisation where athletes imagine themselves using the skill
Visual Allow observation of the skill by video, demo, or watching others during ‘live’ action

Further progression of learning would use video of the athlete performing the desired skill

Have the athlete observe a series of diagrams showing a breakdown of the skill or strategy Provide verbal descriptions utilising visual terms such as ‘in the tuck picture that there is no space between your torso and your legs’
Verbal Provide a succinct description of the skill components to the athlete Utilise books containing written information about the skill of interest Allow the athlete to work in a group so they can hear the questions or feedback of team-mates

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Style fashion tennis players

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tennisI am a huge fan of tennis and I have been watching it for years, mainly Wimbledon, Australian Open and the Barcelona Open. One of the main reasons I love it is seeing the mental power tennis player have on the court. It is not only skill you need to be able to stay mentally strong for the whole game. It’s one of the most televised sports out there and has good pay in prize money, especially the big tournaments like Grands Slams and the final tournament of the season between the top 8.

It has from the onset created a prestigious impeccable message, that world champion tennis players are marketable. You never historically see a tennis player losing that much control that it hits the news. If it does in the world of tennis where a player is out of control, it is mainly to do with either their outbursts on court. It is very rare that we get some swearing, John McEnroe, Greg Rusedski & Serena Williams come to mind. Occasional tennis we get smashing episodes either at the net or on the service. The most exhilarating of them all is the umpire versus the player dynamics. When the umpire has called a wrong call. Even that is tamed behavior if we compare it to other top sporting events. It is this this composure, the single individual and of course the money on sportswear that makes tennis super marketable.

 Fashion Marketing On The Court

In a recent article they talked about the odds of who is expected to win the French Open. The ironic thing is that did you know that tennis players make more money off the court than on the court. Historically Maria Sharapova negotiated one of the highest off court marketing deals with Nike, she renewed her contract for 8 years in 2010 for a staggering $70 million (£42 million).

Let’s have a look at the unbeatable Williams sisters who have dominated the tennis courts for decades. Anything they do, say within the tennis arena belongs to them and them alone. If we look at Rafael Nadal who is the greatest clay court player of all time. Now recent injuries are currently showing us that on the court the Spaniard is struggling so it’s a good thing that off court his marketing power is as impressive as his back hand. Recently speaking with famous poker player Jan Heitmann, I found out that Nadal has been chosen to represent online poker. What are the odds in him agreeing to this?

Tennis sponsorship is expected to hit $739 million in 2014, according to IEG, with Federer securing the largest slice. His endorsement portfolio includes brands like Nike, Wilson, Credit Suisse, Mercedes-Benz, Gilette and Moet 7 Chandon. This adds $40 million on top of his prize earnings. Federer’s good health and strong performances has kept him playing deep into tournaments for 10 years in a row. He is as reliable as the watches of his sponsor Rolex.

Roger Federer Versus Nadal

I have watched Roger for years and the for me his composure on court is mind blowing. When he wins he is just adorable. I recall the epic Wimbledon final in 2o08 between him and Nadal. Nadal is at his fourth championship point and Nadal finally wins the match after nearly five hours of play. It’s these moments in sporting history you truly realize that sport stars are the most complicated species mentally. This match was an example of mental power alone. Let’s face it their fitness, skill were equal throughout the game. It’s why it took so long to complete the championship. For me it was just that moment as we all know too well in the game of tennis. That if you mentally have a laps it will cost you the game. Tennis fever is back with Roland Garros coming and who is going to be our 2015 champions. For me I have no idea and that truly is the fun of it all this season.

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The Rugby world cup 2015 has been breaking records

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The Rugby world cup 2015 has been breaking records and filling up news-stands across the country. While ticket sales have been rocketing, teams are continuing to train heavily for some of the most furious play-offs in history.

According to the BBC, Brett Gosper, Chief Executive of World Rugby is thrilled to see such great turnouts. This year teams are playing to exceed expectations in some of the greatest and most famous sports grounds in England and Wales.

Twickenham stadium hosted the opening of the games and England versus Fiji (35-11) was heralded one of the seasons most nerve wrecking games for England’s fans. Over 80 thousand fans left this stadium victorious! However, not everything went without a hitch with the former Australian captain, John Eales, finding himself trapped in a stadium lift!

The Olympic stadium in east London proved a successful venue for France later in the cup games seeing them storm to victory against their all-time rivals, Romania (38-11). Stratford High-Street was buzzing with jubilant French fans after this excitement filled night. History is just beginning for this famous stadium with the lavish sports ground already costing in excess of £700m pounds. However, the Olympic Stadium once again displayed its potential to inspire sporting legacy.

The opportunity to get involved in the Rugby hype has not only benefitted local business but also the chosen sports grounds country-wide. This boost of attention will no doubt spur investors to commission improvements which will keep the spirit of sport thriving.

Consider yourself an accomplished sports fan? Why not take this quiz made by Compost Direct acknowledging the best and most famous sport stadiums world-wide.


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Tips on How Sports Running is good and right

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The trend of people running sports are very popular today, both young and even to old age. Practical and efficient to make the most out of this sport is very popular today. One important thing to understand about running is how to run energy-efficient. You want to be able to run as efficiently as possible, to avoid tiredness and can run as far and as long as you can – free of injury.

Perhaps an easy way to describe how to run good is, to be able to straighten the body as well as possible, and to maintain a fairly straight back. Below is a little more info on how to run. (Do not feel overwhelmed) This point is not to help you run, but only to assist you in order to run better. The more you run, the more easy to understand tips and instantly be able to do the practice. Never having read these tips then you feel the need to understand and do everything properly and correctly. Quite simply you want to get out and run, and the rest will follow. If you just want to be able to run with simple, you are now ready to do so.

Here are tips on how to run well, starting from the position of head to toe


Align well is the key part is the Head of form running / jogging is good. Look ahead towards the horizon, top or bottom. This will straighten your neck and back, so that will make it a tune. Jaw and neck should be relaxed and not have to jut your chin.


Keep your shoulder into a square, low, loose and relaxed. While you keep your shoulders in a square position, should also not be swayed from side to side. Do not bend. Do not let your shoulders move up and become high and tight. If you feel your shoulders become tense, shake it out and release the tension.


With the head and shoulders aligned properly, your body must be in the right position. Your torso should be almost straight, so you ran in an upright position, but slightly leaning forward posture will create a truly balanced. Do not lean and do not bend. Lean body too far forward may cause tripping, high-impact measures, and puts undue stress on the knees and back. Leaning back will make you take a step that is too long / far and aggravate on your heels, pressing knees, hips and back. Running was the one with the rear shoulder upright, open the chest to get a lung capacity that is the maximum that allows you to breathe more easily. Do not twist your body from side to side.


  • Movement of the arms is also important, because it helps push forward while running. Arm movement also helps to minimize the rotation of the trunk. Keep your elbows are bent at an angle of about 90 degrees.
  • Your arms should be relaxed and move in rhythm with your footsteps.
  • Swing your arms up and down. Swing your arms upward toward you and your sternum. While doing the downward swing of your arm out and down toward your waist. Keep the movement being, do not swing your arms too high or too low, namely keeping the arms at the waist and chest.
  • Your arms should swing a little out, do not have to be swung around the body. Most of the movement of your arm should be forward and backward.


Keep your hands and wrists to be relaxed, with a fist. Your fingers should lightly touch into the palm of your hand.


Not so easy to position the hip the same with the head, but your hips should be pointing straight ahead. Your hips should be positioned correctly, if the head, shoulders and chest aligned correctly. If your body leaning too far forward or backward, it will also tilt the pelvis and make your body into alignment.


For endurance running knee should not lifted high, low enough just to save energy. High knee lift that requires a lot of energy, and generally done to create strength and speed. Also, keep the knees slightly bent to absorb the moment it hits the ground. Do not make a step too long, but the legs just touching the ground, not far below the body. If your legs extended forward of the body, then you are making a long stride. Running with a low knee lift will help when stopped.


Your feet should touch the ground lightly, turning back forward and land the first toe to the ground. Running should not be loud and noisy, but with a soft, supple and calm.

Similarly, just tips on how to run a good and true, so that you can reap the benefits of good health without injury or fatigue.



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Bustle and hectic schedules make us difficult to arrange a time to exercise in the morning. Especially for people who work in an office or have a solid activity in the morning until late afternoon. Sports night was the right time for them to do sport. Below will be explained about the benefits and disadvantages of sport at night, and about which we need to know before doing sports at night.

• Most of the body temperature and hormone experienced a peak level at 6 pm. But usually with exercise at least 3 hours after or before it would give endurance and muscle development.
• muscles are already warm and flexible.
• Removing stress from work or school.
• Research shows, lung function works best at 4-5 pm.
• Can reduce your appetite at night.

• A lot of thought and work disruptions.
• At least 3 hours should be silent before back muscle exercise can be used optimally.
• It takes time to empty the stomach.
• If you’re having trouble sleeping, you have to reschedule your sports watches.
• Prone to accidents due to low light and cooler temperatures.

Tips For Exercising Those Evening or Night
• If you are not comfortable with outdoor activities, can choose to practice in the gym. The average open until late at night, so do not be afraid to lose your overtime hours even though the sport. It could even be an effective means for city dwellers lazy hours stuck in traffic when leaving work.
• Confused with sports options, you can choose to ride a bike as a sport is the most fitting. Around the neighborhood for half an hour to help loosen the muscles while training some of the muscles of the body. If you want more extreme, might join the bike to work program. Many know, the office now choose to ride a bike home from work. Yes, of course this can happen if you are adequately trained. They were cycling but do not want to do it outside the room, can choose a stationary bike.
• If laziness ambush? Do not be afraid, night sports can be done in front of the TV. You live set or other exercise video and follow the appropriate instructions.

Linkages Dance and sport

Generally all artistic activities have the same benefits, namely recreation. With art, either as perpetrators or as lovers, everyone will be entertained. Dance is an art that can provide multiple benefits for both actors and audience. This article is taken from the example of dance arts of Indonesia.

For the culprit, dance useful addition provide entertainment, also a sports activity. Dancing is a fitness sport activities. For the audience, dance provide entertainment, inspiration, and a variety of other benefits. There are five elements that form the basis for judging the beauty of a dance performance. The first element is wiraga, namely compatibility between dances with age and physical dancers, for example, “rabbit dance” more suitable played by children, or “dance jug” is played by a very nice girl.
The second element is wirama, namely compatibility between the rhythm of the song or musical accompaniment to the dance. Dances sigrak or that are attractive and very suitable dynamic nuances accompanied by the song happy with a fast tempo. Instead, nuanced dance is more suitable romantic or melancholic song accompanied by solemn and slow tempo music. The third element is wirasa, the appreciation of which is performed by dancers of the material and the type of dance. Dancing is not just move the body, but rather to express the value of art or beauty through the language movement, body language, and language expression.

The fourth element is wicitra, namely how the whole picture can be shown as an integrity of the artwork. The fourth element is constructed with padupadan of makeup, costumes, lighting, and the stage layout. The fifth element is the context, which shows the relationship with the moment or a particular event. “Dance karonsih”, for example, are suitable presented in a wedding reception because this dance depicts a pair of lovers who are chatting in percumbuhan loving and romantic.

That’s the beauty of the five elements of dance. In addition, it probably pays little mention of the differences between dance and dancing. Dance the first and foremost element is movement, music and singing is present only as an accompaniment. Dancing is a motion that is present as a counterpoint, the main element is the music and the song or chant. Thus, everyone would be able to dance, flirt motion can be adjusted to the rhythm of the music. The equation, either dancing or dance, including fitness and sport can be enjoyed as a spectacle both beautiful and entertaining. Please if you can dance to dance, if you can please jig dancing. If you can not dance and did not want to dance, please be a spectator, guaranteed you will benefit.


Heating centrality before exercise

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Warm up before exercise is essential. In fact, the warm-up before exercise is as important as the sport itself. If your body is not ready, it will endanger the health of your physical. Moreover, the type of exercise you do is type of vigorous exercise, such as weight lifting or football

Without heating, you will experience many difficulties. First, you may not be optimal in exercise. The reason is, your body is not hot enough to work optimally. Secondly, if you have an injury, the healing process will be long. In addition, exercise without warming also is not healthy for your heart. The following types of warm-up before exercise.

On foot

Before you begin exercising, warm up minimum road
foot steps. It is very helpful in the process of preparing your body to perform intense physical movement.

Play and Stretching

The main objective of this movement is to loosen and stretch the body in a gentle way. Begin from the feet to the hands, or vice versa. Try to stretch all parts of your body slowly. Rotate the hand and wrist. Additionally, do not forget to rotate your waist gently clockwise and anticlockwise.

Jogging in place

Do jogging in place for a few minutes. This will start your heart pumping so that your body will be ready to undergo strenuous physical activity.

 Jumping Jack

Doing jumping jacks at least 25 times. This movement will prepare your body with the heating system in the body. Jump high and do vigorously so that the level of enthusiasm you more motivated. See also: Sports Can Be Done at Home

Squats Without Charges

Do a few reps squad without load. This movement will warm your feet and make it ready for the exercise. In addition, your feet will be ready to face the intense sport.

Well, that was some movement in order to warm up before exercising the muscles of the body is not stressed and strained. Do not forget to cool down after exercise. Because the cooling process will serve to speed up the recovery so that the risk of aches and fatigue can be minimized.